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What Kind of Bing-Watcher Are You?

Are you an Early Bird Binger or Late Owl Streamer?

How much time did you spend on Netflix in 2023?

No matter if you have unique viewing patterns, or if you go with the global streaming flow:

UWatcher was made for the Movie Geeks like you!


Why UWatcher?

Personalized Stats

Your unique watching patterns are now visualized! Discover your personalized streaming dashboard.

Compare Stats

Share and compare your stats with friends and family! Who’s the Bingeing Master of the Year?

It's Free

UWatcher is free and will always be. All you need is a Netflix subscription.

2023: Discover Your Year in Streaming!
Netflix Wrapped Stats.


How to get started?

the UWatcher browser add-on
Generate your personalized statistics, based on your watching history, and a unique shareable link.
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What Our Users are saying?

Amazing concept! Saw this on TikTok and had to try it.
Emily C.
Pretty cool to get some stats on how much Netflix I watched over the past year!
Carson M.


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UWatcher is owned by PlumResearch,

a company that works with top film studios, executives, networks and TV broadcasters to help them make informed content decisions.

Plum’s mission is to tailor entertainment for consumers on a global scale by providing in-depth and accurate insights backed by data.